Schmincke Aerocolor Ink Sets

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Schmincke Aerocolour Acrylic Inks has brilliant highly lightfast colours and effect colours. Specially developed for the airbrush spray-gun, but also suitable for retouching pens, dip-pens and brushes. Ready-to-use and water-resistant. Nearly odourless. All colours come in tough 28ml pipette jars. A large number of the bright colours are glazed or semi-glazed. They can be made opaque by adding a slight quantity of extremely opaque Aerocolor Professional colour supra white, without being made any brighter or losing their tinting strength. Aerocolor Professional adheres particularly well to all sorts of papers and cardboards as well as the usual, non-absorbent surfaces such as film, hard plastics and after appropriate preliminary treatment, metal. The colours are easy to mask and excellent for graphic designs and special air brush techniques. Aerocolor Professional dries semi-matt and is easy to reproduce.
SAC1628 | Set of 16
SAC3728 | Set of 37
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